Test Driven Django (Again!)
2018-05-26, 10:15–12:15, 🏰

Django does more to enable test driven development than most other frameworks. We'll look at how we can use Django's TestCase and Python's mocking tools to test a simple project and prove to ourselves that our code does what we think it does.

This workshop is an introduction to some common patterns you can use to write test-first Django applications. I'll introduce the different levels of the testing pyramid and how they relate to TDD for web applications. There will be an introduction to Django's TestCase, mocking and coverage tools.

We will build a (tiny) API using Django. This will require testing the models and views, as well as our use of Django's timezone module.

The workshop will require some understanding of Python, Django & git, but will be targeted at people the beginner to intermediate range. People will use their own laptop and start a new project from scratch.

I'm a web developer based out of Melbourne, Australia. Currently a consultant with Thoughtworks.

I spend my spare time building tiny Django (and Python) apps to automate things that annoy me.