“Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Survival tricks and tools for remote developers” Alessio Bragadini · Talk (50 minutes)

What to do and what not to do in order to collaborate remotely on Django projects without losing your mind

“ORM: The Sequel” Katie McLaughlin · Talk (30 minutes)

This summer... a story of learning. She came from a different world, and must understand her new surrounds. Follow her on a journey of self discovery as she learns about... the Django ORM, via SQL.

“An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts” Lacey Williams Henschel · Talk (30 minutes)

If you've never used it before, Docker can be a little overwhelming. There is new vocabulary to learn, new commands to memorize, and new files to add to each project. Most resources fall into one of two camps: they teach you the bare bones of Docker but still leave you with too many questions to co…

“It's about time” Russell Keith-Magee · Talk (30 minutes)

Why is dealing with dates and time so difficult? Well, it's because time has a very sordid history. Join us on a deep dive into that history, and how that history affects the data modelling and APIs we use every day.

“Slow Food Digests Better - or how to maintain a 8.5 year old Python project without getting lost” Christopher Grebs · Talk (30 minutes)

AMO - https://addons.mozilla.org/ was originally written as a PHP web application, ported to Python / Django 1.1 in 2010, more or less maintained over time and only recently got much more traction because of Firefox Quantum and Mozilla's move to WebExtensions.

The talk will show our approach to mai…

“Taking Channels Async” Andrew Godwin · Talk (30 minutes)

We take a look at Channels 2.0 and the changes it brings by going fully async, examining not only why the change makes things better, but also how we've managed to bridge between Django's synchronous world and the async world, and what the future might hold for Django and Channels.

“Representing Hierarchies in Relational Databases” Jacob Rief · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk, I’ll explain the fundamental problem representing deep hierarchies in relational databases. To address this problem, we can use a database design pattern, named Materialized Path Trees.

“GraphQL in Python and Django” Patrick Arminio · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk, I’ll talk about GraphQL, a data query language created by Facebook as an alternative to the widely used REST. I’ll list the key differences between the twos and pros and cons of GraphQL over a “traditional” REST API.

I’ll tell why GraphQL has been created, what problems does it solve …

“Writing pylint plugins for Django” Alexander Todorov · Workshop (2 hours)

Pylint is the most popular Python source code analyzer which looks for programming errors, helps enforce a coding standard and sniffs for some code smells. It is possible to write plugins to add your own checks, for example coding patterns that you have observed inside your software and are general…

“On The Look-Out For Your Data” Markus Holtermann · Talk (30 minutes)

Do you have data in the database of your Django project? Do you want to find that needle in the haystack of your data? There are plenty options how you can achieve that. With various levels of complexity, confidence, and reliability. I'll give an insight into what the most common are nowadays.

“Strategies to Edit Production Data” Julie Qiu · Talk (30 minutes)

Editing data in a production database is sometimes necessary. However, mistakes in running these queries can be disastrous. In this talk, you will learn strategies for making edits to a production database with examples from a Python stack that increase safety and auditability.

“Behind the curtain - How Django handles a request” Daniel Hepper · Workshop (2 hours)

Does Django sometimes feel like Magic to you? In this tutorial, we will peek behind the curtain to understand the wizardry that turns an HTTP request into a response.

“It's not a bug, it's a bias” Anna-Livia Gomart · Talk (30 minutes)

Product makers have a biased view of the world, and this translates to biased algorithms.
How can we take this into account, and create a fairer world though fairer algorithms?

“Automated spell-checking in Django projects” Jakob Schnell · Talk (30 minutes)

I'm aiming to show how avoid spelling errors by showing ways to implement automated spell-checking.

“Building real time applications with Django” Iacopo Spalletti · Talk (30 minutes)

Since the introduction of Channels, real time web has become much easier to work with in Django: discover how you can easily create yours with Django!

“An ODe to OAuth” Akos Hochrein · Talk (30 minutes)

We all know that remembering passwords is hard, so why not leave it to someone else? In this talk, I would like to introduce how we improved our social authentication system in our Django applications at Prezi with the aid of the Python Social Auth package.

“Creating Solid APIs” Rivo Laks · Talk (50 minutes)

Increasingly, our apps are used not by humans but by other apps - via their APIs. Thus it is increasingly important that your APIs are well-designed and easy to consume for other developers.
I will share tips and good practices on authentication, versioning, documentation, response structure, and w…

“Test Driven Django (Again!)” Brenton Cleeland · Workshop (2 hours)

Django does more to enable test driven development than most other frameworks. We'll look at how we can use Django's TestCase and Python's mocking tools to test a simple project and prove to ourselves that our code does what we think it does.

“Protecting Personal Data with Django (because it's the law)” Will Hardy · Talk (50 minutes)

A new EU regulation comes into effect in the middle of this conference. Here is an overview of what is required and how you can use Django to comply.

“Growing old gracefully: on being a career programmer.” Carlton Gibson · Talk (50 minutes)

Software development is often seen as a young person's game. But what if, as you get older, you want to keep at the keyboard? Thoughts from a (now) veteran developer on building your career in software development for the long-haul.

“Accessibility Matters: Creating a Better Web” Lindsey Dragun · Talk (30 minutes)

Accessibility is an afterthought to many, but to those with issues navigating the web it's very important. We will go over examples of accessibility on the web, short and long term solutions, and talk about why accessibility matters to a variety of users. The audience should leave with the ability …

“Don't Look Back in Anger: Wildman Whitehouse and the Great Failure of 1858” Lilly Ryan · Talk (30 minutes)

In the 1850s, Edward Orange Wildman Whitehouse was appointed the lead engineer of the first attempt to build a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. This is a tale of a project gone horribly wrong in the age of magnificent facial hair. Step up to learn the secrets of recovering your project from failure!

“Want More Women in Tech? Start with Django Girls” Sara Heins · Talk (30 minutes)

If your hometown can benefit from a free, friendly environment where women can learn to program, it’s time to bring Django Girls to your city. You’ll learn what it takes to run a successful event while hearing tales from the trenches from a seasoned Django Girls organizer.

“Organizing Conferences For Learners: How we did it in Namibia” Jessica Upani · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk you will hear about the importance of organizing conferences for school learners, how you can go about organizing one, what you need to do and what you need to avoid as you prepare the conference, how to engage with school teachers as a software developer, what the results of such conf…

“Hit the ground running with your Django REST Framework API” Emmanuelle Delescolle, Leila Verhaegen · Workshop (2 hours)

Creating an API for a working e-commerce in 90 minutes? That sounds ambitious!

Join this workshop and let's do it together!

“Banking with Django - how to not lose your customer's money” Anssi Kääriäinen · Talk (30 minutes)

Topic: Banking with Django - how to not lose your customer's money
Abstract: How Holvi decided to pick Django as part of their core infrastructure. I'll go through both the business reasons for using Django for banking (5-10 minutes), and technical details of how we do reliable distributed softwar…

“A different Form of navigation” Chaim Kirby · Talk (30 minutes)

Web tooling for data analysis requires, at its heart, a way to select the data a user want's to analyze. This talk shows how you can use forms to pass data among pages, retain the selected form elements through the request/response cycle and build web interfaces that utilize forms while looking lik…

“Can packaging improve Django deployments?” Markus Zapke-Gründemann · Talk (30 minutes)

How can packaging Django projects make deployments easier, faster and more reliable?

“Making smarter queries with advanced ORM resources” Mariana Bedran Lesche · Talk (30 minutes)

Django ORM has lots of resources for making complex database queries and the documentation brings good examples on how to apply each one of them, but understanding how to orchestrate all of those resources on real-life projects may not be so simple. My goal with this talk is to show through example…

“Keynote: The naïve programmer” Daniele Procida · Talk (50 minutes)

“Keynote: 23 Years Without A Proper Job” Rachel Willmer · Talk (50 minutes)

Ever wondered about being your own boss? Then this talk is for you. Good experience, bad experience: I’ve had some of both as a startup founder and freelancer in the 23 years after I left my last salaried job. Let me share them with you.

“Keynote: Writing Code? Pfft... Evolve it Instead!” Emma Gordon · Talk (50 minutes)

“Guten Morgen” Raphael Michel, Tobias Kunze, DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)

Welcome to DjangoCon Europe 2018!

“Guten Morgen” Raphael Michel, Tobias Kunze, DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)

“Guten Morgen” Raphael Michel, Tobias Kunze, DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)

“Registration” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (50 minutes)

“Social Event” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (50 minutes)

“Lightning Talks II” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)


“Lightning Talks III” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (50 minutes)


“Intro to Sprints” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)

“Auf Wiedersehen” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (50 minutes)

“Lightning Talks I” DjangoCon Europe Crew · Talk (30 minutes)


“Physical Health offering” Unnamed user · Workshop (2 hours)