Organizing Conferences For Learners: How we did it in Namibia
2018-05-24, 10:00–10:30, 🏰

In this talk you will hear about the importance of organizing conferences for school learners, how you can go about organizing one, what you need to do and what you need to avoid as you prepare the conference, how to engage with school teachers as a software developer, what the results of such conferences could bring out in our children and many more.

The poor quality of the software developers in our community is increasing. On top of other factors, most of our learners are introduced or exposed to computing only in university. This has caused the quality of our software developers to drop. We wanted to change that by introducing programming clubs in high schools and then we decided that why not run a conference for them. That's how this idea came up.

Undergraduate student at the University of Namibia. She works part time as a high school teacher. She has done a lot of work locally organizing Python and Django workshops through Python Namibia Society, Django Girls, Women in Computing society.